Summits: 1380


Outside of home, I’ve spent (much) more time in Utah than in any other state. I’ve climbed ice, been snowboarding, and hiked the most prominent peaks – Kings, Ellen, Peale, Deseret, Timpanogos, Ibapah, Notch, and dozens more. But to me Utah is the one state where I don’t focus on summits. Canyons, ruins, pictographs, and some of the best desert landscapes in the world, make Utah the one place where I always leave with a list longer than before.

There are places in southern Utah that I’ll visit time and time again, but my focus is usually on new places in my favorite areas and several lifetimes wouldn’t be enough to see it all. I can’t get enough of Capitol Reef (favorite national park), Grand Staircase, Glen Canyon, the San Rafael Swell, and Bear’s Ears National Monument. I primarily explore by truck and foot, sometimes bike.

I had a hard time slimming this album down. Pictures include the above mentioned places, plus Utah’s other amazing national and state parks, and many areas in between.

Full albums (for personal reference) –>
2010 (ice climbing)
2015 (mixed state album, first visit to Zion, hike Navajo Mountain)
2016 (first visits to Bryce + Capitol Reef,  climbed the Guardian Angels in Zion)
2017 (Buckskin Gulch)
2018 (Bears Ears)
2018 (Capitol Reef and Canyonlands, bikepacking White Rim and the Maze)
2020 (40 days in Utah – many canyons + bikepacking, time with George)
2021 (ultras and other remote summits)
2022 (Mixed state album with The Subway, misc summits, Cottonwood bikepacking, Fable Valley, etc)
2023 (Bryce, Capitol Reef, etc with Eris)
2024 (Capitol Reef, Glen Canyon, Bear’s Ears, etc – great album here)