Summits: 1380

A Few Cali Favorites, In Memory of George Zelenz

I finally got some time to revisit some old favorites after getting back to California last Feb. I did a four day backpack with friend George Zelenz to soak in Sespe and Willet hot springs (pics 1-6), then did some roaming around Mojave National Preserve. In Mojave, I did a repeat hike of Table Top Mountain, this time carrying a hammock to enjoy a nap in the small Juniper grove. I really love this peak.  I spent the rest of the time camping with GZ and chasing a handful of new peaks: Ship Mountain (south of the preserve), Hackberry, Little Thorne, Columbia, Tortoise Shell, Providence, and Kelso. On the way home I finished up on Ord Mountain, a prominent peak west of the preserve. Good times…

*** These trips were in April and May of 2022 and this article was posted shortly after. George unfortunately passed away in October 2022. The last time I saw George was at our camp near the giant Joshua Trees just west of Kessler Peak in Mojave National Preserve. I’ve posted a tribute to George here: George Zelenz