Summits: 1340

Oct 13 – Nov 23 » Utah

Utah…I’ve spent more time in this state than any other outside of CA and barely scratched the surface. “For a little while we are again able to see, as the child sees, a world of marvels. For a few moments we discover that nothing can be taken for granted.” -Ed Abbey

14-Oct     Short Canyon pictos, Head of Sinbad

15-Oct     Lone Warrior picto, Eagle Arch, Black Dragon wash + picto

16-Oct     Horseshoe Canyon

17-Oct     Blue John Canyon

18-Oct     Unexpected Panel

19-Oct     San Rafael bike ride / Temple Mtn Pictos

20-Oct     San Rafael bike ride

21-Oct     Goblin Valley

22-Oct     Little Wild Horse Canyon, Resupply Hanksville

23-Oct     Mt Ellen

24-Oct     Capitol Reef – Halls Creek

25-Oct     Capitol Reef – Surprise Canyon (+3)

26-Oct     Capitol Reef – HQ canyon (+1), lower Muley, Hanksville

27-Oct     Cathedral Loop

28-Oct     Cathedral Loop

29-Oct     Capitol Reef – Fruita, Scenic Drive

30-Oct     Hells Backbone

31-Oct     Coyote Gulch

1-Nov      Coyote Gulch

2-Nov       Coyote Gulch

3-Nov       Rest Escalante

4-Nov       Death Hollow

5-Nov       Death Hollow

6-Nov       Death Hollow

7-Nov       Kanab (attempt Wave permits, hotel)

8-Nov       Kanab

9-Nov       Kanab

10-Nov     The Wave

11-Nov    Bryce (Rainbow Pt), Wolverine Loop

12-Nov    Capitol Reef – Lamp stand, upper Muley Twist, meet with Kevin Trieu

13-Nov    Capitol Reef – Scout Bitter Points, hike around Oak Creek (found strange dam)

14-Nov    Capitol Reef – Touristy hikes – Rim overlook with secret canyon and antennae’d peak, Golden Throne, Capitol Wash

15-Nov    Capitol Reef – Buck Point, Shinoh Canyon (4 arches), Facotry Butte/Muddy Creek

16-Nov    Trough Point, Hanksville

17-Nov    Drive, Fry Mesa

18-Nov    Bears Ears – Fish Canyon to Owl Creek Backpack

19-Nov    Bears Ears – Fish Canyon to Owl Creek Backpack

20-Nov    Bears Ears cycling –  Moon House, down Snow Flat ot Valley of the Gods

21-Nov    Bears Ears cycling – VOTCG to Mexican Hat, John’s Canyon, Goosenecks

22-Nov    Bears Ears cycling – Goosenecks to truck. Hike Citadel, Muley Point Sunset