Summits: 1340

April 5 – 24, May 1 » Utah

Back to what must be my favorite state based on the time I’ve spent here, and my favorite national park, Capitol Reef. Highlights include:

-scrambling up Moss Back Butte, a peak I’d been drawn to on a previous trip. I was able to scramble up to its lofty summit without any info beforehand, a fun adventure.

-more time in Capitol Reef, including a backpack to a very seldom visited summit, Bitter Point, and scrambling up North Caineville Mesa

-getting to the top of 3 ultra-prominence peaks – Flat Top, Deseret, and Ibapah. Ibapah is one of the best climbs I’ve done in recent memory. And one very isolated mountain, Delano. April 25th I crossed into Nevada and stayed hiking around the border there, and swung back into Utah for Ibapah Peak in the remote Deep Creek Range.


5-Apr       Drive to Mexican Hat

6-Apr       John’s Canyon

7-Apr       Bears Ears

8-Apr       Moss Back Butte / N. Wash

9-Apr       Mt. Pennell

10-Apr     Capitol Reef (Strike valley overlook, HQ canyon)

11-Apr     Capitol Reef  (Oak Creek, Cathedral Valley)

12-Apr     N. Caineville Mesa

13-Apr     Rest Day

14-Apr     Hanksville

15-Apr     N. Caineville Mesa

16-Apr     Capitol Reef (Bitter Point backpacking)

17-Apr     Capitol Reef (Bitter Point backpacking)

18-Apr     Rest Day

19-Apr     Delano Peak (12169′)

20-Apr     Rest Day

21-Apr     SLC

22-Apr     Flat Top (10620′)

23-Apr     Antelope Island, Frary Peak

24-Apr     Deseret Peak (11031′)

1-May     Ibapah Peak (12087′)