Summits: 1380

May 18 – June 5 » Return to Utah…

Utah is the one place where I can arrive with several weeks worth of things I want to do and leave with an even longer list for the next trip. I’ve made ten trips or so to the southern part of the state, some for over a month, and I just can’t get enough.

Like most of my trips here, this was a mix of summits, canyon hikes, and exploring ruins and pictographs.  I spent most of my time in Grand Staircase NM, Capitol Reef NP, Glenn Canyon NRA, and Bear’s Ears NM, driving several hundred miles off road.  I also spent a bit of time in Arizona on my there and back. I also had brief visits with friends Tyler Potzler and Matt Jones. I’m already looking forward to my next visit. Highlights of this trip were:

-Arizona summit hikes – Kaibob Plateau, Kendrick, Sitgreaves, Bill Williams, Mt Floyd, Peacock

-Utah summit hikes – Barney Top, Impossible, Lamp Stand, P5619, Ellsworth, Land’s End, Windgate (attempt)

-Misc hikes, etc  (viewpoints, ruins, pictographs)- Upper Muley, Strike Valley Overlook, North Wash (cycling), Perfect Panel, Doll House, Slickhorn Canyon (multiple forks over two days)

-Notable drives – The Maze from Hite, Woodenshoe Road (from Hite to Bear’s Ears)