Summits: 1380

April 20 – May 1 » Bears Ears National Monument (Utah)

I spent 12 days around what was previously Bear’s Ears National Monument, and I don’t have the words to describe how amazing this part of the world is. I’ve driven through before but had no idea what was really here. There are endless Anasazi ruins to be admired, pictographs, petroglyphs, 1000+ yr old pottery fragments, and not to mention the incredible scenery. Here’s what went down:

April 20-21 – Goosenecks State Park, Valley of the Gods (by bicycle), Bridges National Monument

April 22 -25 – Grand Gulch backpacking, Bullet Canyon to Kane (many Anasazi ruins and artifacts). Joined by friend George Zelenz.

April 26 – Rest day at the end of Cigarette Springs Road

April 27 – The Citadel (amazing hike to Anazasi Ruins)

April 28 – Rest day and resupply in Blanding

April 29 – Wolfman Panel and River House Ruins (George returns home)

April 30 – Government Trail to the Big Man Panel (back to Grand Gulch)

May 1 – Bears Ears Peaks (tagged both summits), House on Fire Ruins