Summits: 1380

April 21 – 30 » Social Distancing is Easy (around Mojave National Preserve)

During the Covid-19 shut down, I spent 10 beautiful and relaxing days around Mojave National Preserve with Christina Lam. We loaded up on food beforehand, so that during trip we would only need to resupply our gas and water. We started out with petroglyph hunting in the Rodman Mountains (outside of and west of Mojave NP). We then spent a few days around Mt Clark, first at “the picnic area” at the southern base of the mountain, then around the north side to check out the Colosseum Mine. After Mt Clark, we entered Mojave NP proper, hiking a handful of easy peaks and checking out some old cabins while making our way south. I’d been in the park several times to hike DPS peaks but this was my first extended stay and its now one of my favorite desert playgrounds. Many more visits will be coming 

Peaks hiked include: Kokoweef, Mescal, Striped Mountain, Kessler, Woods, Table Top, and Pinto.