Summits: 1340

2011: Jan 1-2 » Stage, Mine, Red Hill, Piedras Grandes, Puff, Indian Hill, Moan

I had 7 peaks from the SDC list left that were accessible from the S2, near the southern end of Anza Borrego. I went to bed early on New Years Eve with hopes of nailing all 7 on Jan 1-2. With some short scrambling near the top, Anna and I made Stage Mountain’s rarely visited summit by 9am. We then quickly knocked off both Mine Peak and Red Hill, two easy + interesting peaks, which left time for us to bag Piedras Grandes, a peak I had originally planned as part of a large loop for the next day. We spend a cold night in the desert before heading out to Puff BM, an amazing overlook in Carrizo Gorge, then made our way over to Indian Hill and Moan BM.


Day 1 trip report

Day 2 trip report