Summits: 1380

August-September » An Ultra Summer

This summer was focused on climbing all Ultra-prominence peaks in the lower 48. There are 57 “ultras,”, or peaks with 5000 feet or more of prominence in the contiguous US and after this effort I have just four left. Here’s what I was able to get to on this trip, including a few non-ultra peaks:

Mt Stuart (WA, ultra #47)

Mt Sacajewea (OR, ultra #48, w/Daniel Coulter)

Mt Cleveland (MT, w/Tony Russo)  FAIL

Ch-paa-qn Peak (MT, w/Thomas Michael)

Cloud Mountain (WY, ultra #49)

Medicine Peak and Medicine Wheel (WY)

Bighorn Canyon (WY)

Big Pryor Mountain (MT)

Crazy Peak (MT, ultra #50, w/Tony Russo)

Timpanogos (UT, ultra #51, w/Daniel Coulter)

Nebo (UT, ultra #52, w/Daniel Coulter)

Wood Benchmark (ID)

Diamond Peak (ID, ultra #53, w/Tony Russo)

Plus a return to one of my favorite ranges, the Lick Creek Range in ID where I hiked Beaverdam and South and North Loon.