Summits: 1380

March 5 – 7 » Catalina Backpacking

What an amazing trip this was, one of those that far exceeded expectations. I’d been to Catalina a dozen or so times over the years, celebrating 4th of July, hiking the Trans-Catalina Trail, and biking Two Harbors to Avalon, but I’d never been West of Two Harbors. I’d been looking forward to this trip for some time, and would be completing the LPC peak list on Silver Peak. I was joined by George Zelenz and our itinerary went as follows:

March 5: Boat to Two Harbors, hike 8 miles along the coast to camp at Parson’s Landing

March 6: Hike Silver Peak (fairly steep, cold, and windy), then along a closed and washed out road to the west end, then back to Parson’s Landing, 11 miles

March 7: Hike back to Two Harbors via Torquemada Peak (GZ took the road back), boat back to San Pedro

This part of the island was much more rugged and desolate than any of the areas I’d been previously, wetting my appetite for more Channel Island fun in the future…