Summits: 1340

August-September » An Ultra Summer

I focused most of my free time on chasing Ultra-prominence peaks in the lower 48 over these past few months. There are 57 “ultras,”, or peaks with 5000 feet or more of prominence in the contiguous US and after this effort I have just four left. Here’s what I was able to get to on this trip, including a few non-ultra peaks:

Mt Stuart (WA, ultra #47)

Mt Sacajewea (OR, ultra #48, w/Daniel Coulter)

Mt Cleveland (MT, FAIL, w/Tony Russo)

Ch-paa-qn Peak (MT, w/Thomas Michael)

Cloud Mountain (WY, ultra #49)

Medicine Peak and Medicine Wheel (WY)

Bighorn Canyon (WY)

Big Pryor Mountain (MT)

Crazy Peak (MT, ultra #50, w/Tony Russo)

Timpanogos (UT, ultra #51, w/Daniel Coulter)

Nebo (UT, ultra #52, w/Daniel Coulter)

Wood Benchmark (ID)

Diamond Peak (ID, ultra #53, w/Tony Russo)

And a return to one of my favorite ranges, the Lick Creek Range in ID where I hiked Beaverdam and South and North Loon.