Summits: 1340

Aug 8 – Sep 7 » Washington

A full month in Washington…while Washington has been a favorite state to visit over the last 15 years, after this trip it may be my #1 for chasing summits. The peaks, the views, the wildflowers, the rivers, all of it left quite the impression this trip, the North Cascades in particular has become one of my favorite places of all time. I’m already hoping for another month in WA next year.

8-Aug      Lemei Rock
9-Aug      Mts Whittier, Margaret, Coldwater (20mi hike in St. Helens Ntl Monument)
10-Aug     Rest
11-Aug     Rainier NP, Antler Peak
12-Aug     Rest
13-Aug     Mts Silver, Tinkham, Abiel, Catherine
14-Aug     Mt Kaleetan
15-Aug     Resupply, join up with Jacob Kallman
16-Aug     Rest
17-Aug     Gothic Peak
18-Aug     Barlow Point
19-Aug     Glacier Peak (w/Jacob Kallman and Philip Stinis)
20-Aug     Glacier Peak
21-Aug     Glacier Peak
22-Aug     Glacier Peak (summit, my last of Washington’s 5 volcanoes)
23-Aug     Glacier Peak
24-Aug     Rest
25-Aug     North Cascades NP
26-Aug     Rest
27-Aug     Mt Luna approach (with Jacob Kallman)
28-Aug     Mt Luna – summit attempt, turned back due to hurt foot
29-Aug     Mt Luna
30-Aug     Rest
31-Aug     Rest
1-Sep       Rest
2-Sep       Rest
3-Sep       Rest
4-Sep      Crater Peak approach
5-Sep      Crater Peak – solo summit
6-Sep      Drive to Spokane
7-Sep      Drive to Glacier NP