Summits: 1380

2017: April 8 -11 » Pico Risco (Mexico), Picacho (CA), Kino Peak (AZ)

Friend Philip Wegge joined me as I continued with my mission to reach the top of every peak on the Sierra Club’s DPS list, a list of 99 rugged desert summits in 4 states and Mexico.


Saturday – crossed early into Mexico via Mexicali, drove to Guadalupe Canyon, and climbed Pico Risco, a tough peak with a dicey “jump-across” at it’s summit. We stayed in the amazing campground at its base, which includes a hot tub fed by a natural hot spring in each campsite. Quite a treat after a long day.

Sunday – crossed back into the USA, drove to the base of Picacho Peak (CA)

Monday – climbed Picacho Peak, technically the toughest peak on the DPS list. The peak looks impossible from a distance, but there’s a fun route to it’s summit that includes climbing ladders, ramping ledges, the infamous “jump-across” of an airy gap, and short sections of legit rock climbing. Big boy pants required.

Tuesday – climbed Kino Peak in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. This is a challenging peak that also looks impossible from a distance, but careful routefinding will get you to its top with steep scrambling. The biggest challenge for us this day was the intense heat.


A fun time out in the desert, and after these 4 short days, I have just 3 peaks left on the DPS list…