Summits: 1340

2016: June 21-23 » Thorn, San Rafael, McDill

I worked in a few HPS peaks around the crazy heat wave, hiking Thorn Point Tuesday evening, then hiking San Rafael before it got too hot on Wednesday. After which I found a nice shady spot for a nap in the truck before making the drive over to the Liebre range to mountain bike Mt McDill. I spent the night on the summit there, heading back to town early on Thurs.

I really enjoyed the peaks in the Sespe Wilderness, especially Thorn. I should note, Piru Creek was quite a crossing for my Tacoma, at least 2 feet deep. Just before I got there, “Sespe Sam” had gotten stuck in his truck and had just been winched out. His truck was no longer running as the water came into the cab and got the truck’s computer wet.