Summits: 1380

2013: October 4-23 » San Diego, Big Bear, Joshua Tree

September 30th was my last day of full-time work, and after a few days of contract work, I left San Diego city proper on October 4th. Its been quite the experience and learning curve, best told over a couple of beers, but here’s my daily itinerary and associated pictures so far…


Oct 4th – Left San Diego
Oct 5th – Mountain biked the Laguna Mountains (with April Goebl)
Oct 6th  – Hiked Wooded Hill, Manza, Buckman, and Cuyapaipe Mtns (with April Goebl)
Oct 7th – Travel to and bouldered at Culp Valley
Oct 8th – Bouldered at Culp Valley
Oct 9th – Travel to Yucaipa (waiting out weather)
Oct 10th – Travel to Big Bear, hiked Onyx Peak, stayed with trail angels
Oct 11th – Hung out Big Bear Lake
Oct 12th – Hiked Little Bear, Delamar, Rattlesnake, Luna, and Round Mountains (with Philip Wegge)
Oct 13th – Hawes, Little Shay, Ingham, Shay, Deer Mountains (with Philip Wegge)
Oct 14th – White and Arctic Mountains (with Philip Wegge)
Oct 15th – Bertha, Grays, Keller, Slide, and Mill Mountains
Oct 16th – Crafts and Butler Mountains
Oct 17th – Hung out Big Bear Lake, shower at Big Bear Hostel
Oct 18th – Gold, Granite, and Silver Mountains, traveled to Joshua Tree
Oct 19th – Joshua Tree rock climbing (with Kevin, Jen, Glen, Rosanna)
Oct 20th – Joshua Tree rock climbing (with Kevin, Jen, Glen, Rosanna, Collin)
Oct 21st – Joshua Tree rock climbing (with Collin), Ryan, Ispiration, and Lost Horse mountains
Oct 22nd – Warren Point and Quail Mountain (picked up Foong – climbing hitchhiker from Indonesia)
Oct 23rd – Bernard, Little Berdoo, and Queen mountains


To sum it all up, 35 summit hikes, 5 days of rock climbing, 1 day of mountain biking = life is good…