Summits: 1340

2013: Feb 2-13 » Switzerland

I went to Basel for work and managed to squeeze a bit of sightseeing in over a weekend. I spent a long afternoon near Basel, first checking out some first century Roman ruins called Augusta Rauraica, then then noticing some impressive street art from the train on the way back. I then put about 8-10 miles under my feet trying to locate some of that art (ok, graffiti) I’d seen, at some point walking the tracks themselves and being honked at by a train :O.

The following day I took a 3hr train ride through Interlaken to Grindelwald, to have a look at the Swiss Alps and the Eiger. I’ll admit, I’d previously written off the European Alps, but my mind was changed rather quickly. The sheer mountian faces and jagged ridges made me envioius that I was lacking my climbing gear, the time, and a partner. Wow.

Each being just a few minutes from Basel, I also managed to set foot into Germany and France for a few meals, spending my last night of the trip in France with my coworker Erik, he being local to Belfort.