Summits: 1380

2010: Oct 16-17 » The Sunrise Highway Peaks (8 total)

Headed for the beautiful Sunrise Highway, our intentions were to bag 4 peaks on Saturday and 4 on Sunday, but it took so long to figure out a way up Manza BM that we had to change our plans. Manza, less than a mile from the road, took us several hours to find a route to its highpoint. Once back down from Manza, we quickly headed for Roost, the longest hike of the weekend and returned to the car just before dark. Luckily the remaining peaks proved to be easier than we thought, and we were able to bag the remaining six (Garnet Peak, Pine Mountain, Garnet Mountain, Monument Peak, Sheephead, Wooded Hill) before heading home on Sunday.


Day 1 trip report

Day 2 trip report