Summits: 1340

2010: Nov 27-28 » Coyote, Palm BM, Sunset, Borrego Mountains

Continuing with the San Diego County peak list, we knocked off 5 more peaks in the Anza Borrego desert: Coyote, Palm BM (Traveler), Sunset, and Borrego Mountain (both east and west buttes). The terrain varied considerably between each peak – from imbedded and polished rock giving good footing on Coyote, to loose gravel and huge boulders on Sunset, to trails and slot canyons in the Borrego Mountains. The short days make it tough to cram the peaks in like we want, ending up at Carlee’s (the local bar’n’grill in Borrego Springs) earlier than we’d like.

Day 1 trip report

Day 2 trip report