Summits: 1340

Thailand (cycling)

As part of a cross-Asia cycling trip, this was my second trip to Thailand, entering near Chiang Rai after taking a boat on the Mekong from Laos. Highlights included hiking Doi Inthanon (country high point) and visiting the lovely town of Pai with Christina Lam, exploring Sukhothai, Kanchanaburi, snorkeling in the Surin Islands, and joining up with Bobo, another cyclist from China before crossing by ferry into Malaysia together. I spent just over a month in Thailand on this trip, cycling 1000 miles and nearly the entire length of the country.

I visited Bulgaria with friends Jacob Kallman and Alan Buxbaum as part of a lengthy road trip through eastern Europe. Bulgaria was a day trip to see a Unesco site, the Rock Churches of Ivanovo

I spent a few weeks in the Mojave Desert checking out a variety of things…abandoned planes and towns, summit hikes with friends, my girlfriend joined for New Years, and I even met with an old high school friend near Joshua Tree. The bitter cold nights were worth the sunny days…

Abandoned planes: Edwards AFB

Abandoned homes + cars: Newberry Springs

People I spent time with along the way: Eris Ng, Daniel Coulter, Greg Gerlach, Jeremy Kennedy, Barbara Baumann

Summit hikes: Shadow Mountain, Cady, Bristol, Cave, Clipper, Kelso Dunes, Van Winkle, Marble Mountains HP, Peak 3251, Amboy Crater, Bald BM




The Lost Coast and the California Redwoods, places I’ve visited many times and can’t get enough of. This trip was special since I got to share them with someone who had never been. We visited several groves of my favorite trees in Redwoods National Park, Humboldt state park, and a few off the beaten path along the Lost Coast. We spent time around black sand beaches, Matole, SInkyone State Park, and hiked King Peak, the tallest peak in the coastal range. I bushwhacked to the summits of a few other obscure peaks, and we drove Usal Road, one of the wildest “maintained” roads in the lower 48. I’m already looking forward to my next visit…