Summits: 1340


I cycled into Laos from China as part of my 5 month Asia cycling tour.  My friend Jacob Kallman, who I’d met in China, met me at the border with a motorbike and pulled me up hills with a rope so that I could keep up. We relaxed for with a few beers riverside at the beautiful towns of Nong Khiaw and Muang Ngoy. After Jacob and I parted ways, I stayed mostly on back roads through small villages en route to meet my girlfriend in Luang Prabang, when I broke my rear wheel. Christina and I then traveled for nearly a month by bus and motorcycle, before taking a 2-day boat on the Mekong River to get to Thailand where I could get a replacement and finish my tour.  I really enjoyed Laos – great people, great food, and great sights. We spent time in the following areas:

Luang Prabang


Vang Vieng

Phonsavan (Plain of Jars)

The Loop (by motorcycle) – A beautiful 4-day ride through karst scenery in central Laos, where we hired a boat through 5 mile long Kong Lor cave to a village on the other side. Nice!