Summits: 1380


A last minute change, Philip Wegge and I decided to spend the last few days of our trip to Africa in Rwanda, crossing overland from Uganda. We packed into a minibus at the border, and transferred to a small bus heading for Kigali, enjoying the amazing scenery along the way.

When traveling Rwanda, one can’t help but think of the terrible genocide that took place in this country in 1994. We visited the genocide museum, and two genocide memorials outside of Kigali -Ntarama and Nyamata – heartbreaking sights that include the clothing and remains of the many thousands of victims killed in these churches. Though without seeing the memorials, it’s hard to imagine that this tragedy took place just a few decades ago. The people of Rwanda are upbeat and friendly, the country clean and lively, and Kigali is one of the most progressive cities I’ve visited in Africa. Rwanda is an incredibly inspiring country…