Summits: 1380

Road Trip 2023, Chapter 2 – Montana (and a little Idaho)

I reached the following summits in Idaho and Montana during the past 5 weeks. Stimson and Kintla are the most noteworty, the hardest two of Glacier National Parks six ten-thousand foot peaks, each requiring nearly 50 miles of hiking and scrambling. These are two of the toughest peaks I’ve done in the lower 48. This is my 4th extended trip into Montana and it’s become my favorite state for peakbagging. I’ll admit it’s a relief I get to put the bear spray away for now though…


Black Pine (Idaho, 9395’, p4k)

Cache (Idaho, 10339’, p4k)

Hilgard (11316’, p4k)

Bearpaw Baldy (6916’, p4k)

Aeneas (7528’)

Stimson (10142’, p4k) – with Grog Supervolcano

Kintla (10101’, p4k) – with Grog Supervolcano

McLeod (8620’) – with Grog Supervolcano

Holland (9356’) – with Thomas Schaffnit

Saint Mary (9351’) – with Thomas Schaffnit

Electric (10969’) – with Grog Supervolcano

Northwest (7705’, p4k)

Rock Candy (7204’)