Summits: 1380

2017: April 24 -28 » Walnut Canyon, Wupatki, Grand Canyon

En route to the Grand Canyon from Sedona, I spent a day exploring two cultural heritage sights, Walnut Canyon National Monument, and Wupatki National Monument. The cliff dwellings at Walnut Canyon were quite impressive, as were the ruins at Wupatki. Both stops were well worth the time.

After I arrived at the Grand Canyon, I was able to secure a backcountry permit, and hiked from the south rim to the north rim and back to the south rim in 3 days/2 nights. The north rim was still closed due to snow, so it was cool to have a quiet experience there. I have to say, I’d written off the Grand Canyon (previously visited as more of a tourist in 2009), but it is truly an American classic not to be missed, very scenic and alluring. Some cool wildlife sightings included a small scorpion in my campsite and a Kingsnake.