Summits: 1340

2015: October 5 -21 » Southern Sierra, Great Basin, Death Valley, more…

I tagged a few handfuls of HPS and desert peaks, mixing in visiting friends, taking days at local libraries to get other trips planned, and even squeezed in a day of kayaking in the Sierra:

October 5 – Peak Mountain, McPherson (HPS Peaks)

October 6 – Caliente Mountain, San Luis Obispo

October 7-8 – Bakersfield Library

October 9-10 – HPS peaks – Skinner, Mayan, Sorrell, Piute, Nichols, Heald (w/ Phil Stinis)

October 11 – Rest

October 12 – Kayak @ Long Lake (out of Bishop) in the Sierra, stay with Matt in June Lake

October 13 – Glass Mountain, stay with Matt

October 14 – Mt Patterson

October 15 – Arc Dome (Great Basin, NV)

October 16 – Jefferson (Great Basin, NV)

October 17 – Cancel plans on Wheeler, Great Basin (weather)

October 18 – Tin Mtn (Death Valley – flash floods wipe out roads here)

October 19 – Dry Mtn (Death Valley)

October 20 – Waucoba Mtn (Death Valley)

October 21 – Towne Pt, Panamit Mountain – check out the last few pics for photos of a plane wreck (Death Valley), return to SoCal