Summits: 1380

2015: June 22- July 20 » Peru and Bolivia

Along with friends Phil Wegge and Phil Stinis, we visited Peru and Bolivia to check some of their high and very accessible mountains. We were 4 for 4 in Peru, climbing Urus Este (17782′), Ishinca (18143′), Pisco (18871′), and Chopicalqui (20817′), the latter being a very exciting climb indeed. We had to abandon our plans of climbing Sajama in Bolivia due to high wind, but climbed Parinacota (20827′) and Acotango (19856′) on the Chilean border, two very scenic mountains in an interesting area. While waiting for weather in Bolivia, we ended up with extra time to check out some of the salt flats, and then finished off our trip with a huge 11000′ descent down the Bolivian “death road” on mountain bikes. We also ran into Bogotá, Colombia, on our layover on the way home…ahhhhh….