Summits: 1340

2012: July 4 – 8 » A long weekend (bike, hikes, kayaks, and motorcycles)

I spent 3 days on the motorcycle from July 4th to July 6th, visiting my parents’ house in Orange County, my friend’s beach house at Sunset Beach, and then camping off of Ortega Highway with my friend Phil, who joined me on nearby hikes of Sugarloaf and Elsinore peaks. After taking the long and lonely South Divide Road en route to my house in San Diego on Friday afternoon, I stuffed my truck with kayaks and mountain bikes, to leave again on Saturday morning. Along with my friend Matt, we hiked Starvation Mountain, kayaked lake Sutherland, camped at the Burnt Ranchita campground on Sunrise Highway, and then mountain biked some easy trails around Laguna Meadow. Whew!