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2011: June » Boston and Philadelphia

I visited Boston twice and Philadelphia once for work during the month of June. I had a half day off in Boston and took some time to check out the city, and I took a late night tour (10pm-1am) of Philadelphia. Boston’s hockey team, the Bruins, took the Stanley Cup the night I was there, and the city went off. Its hard not to admire Boston’s “small town” intensity for their sports teams.

The highlight of my Philadelphia trip was a side trip on the way to the airport to see Joe Frazier’s old boxing gym, a place where he trained for many decades, up until he lost the place due to financial reasons last year. I’m not a huge boxing fan, but I’m somewhat of a Joe Frazier fan and can appreciate the history. The gym is located in North Philadelphia, rated the nation’s 7th most dangerous neighborhood, all part of the fun.